In Argentina, the 23-year-old student married her grandmother for pensions

In Argentina, the 23-year-old student married his great-aunt, who was 91, for a pension.

The report stated that the couple officially legalized their relationship in 2015 year. A year later a woman named Yolanda died. In turn, Mauricio started to receive her pension, as he was a widower. Later, the student went to court, but was refused. Then he said that there is no evidence of the fact of registration of marriage. It is noted that neighbors the non-standard pair also had no idea about their relationship. In turn, the student said he would complain to the Supreme court. Mauricio hopes that there will be a decision on payments. About the neighbors he said he just never did not communicate with them, and they could not guess about their marriage with her grandmother. Mauricio also added that truly loved the woman, but the locals don’t believe the young man.

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