In April: the weather is not a little surprise Ukrainians with the change of “mood”

Как в апреле: погода не на шутку удивит украинцев сменой "настроения"

Weather in Ukraine will be wet, warm and windy

As reported Politeka, this is the forecast on his page in Facebook published a forecaster Natalia Didenko.

“November 5 through our territory will be held weather front — the Ambassador of three cyclones Zend, Benedikt and Arne. So from night to night will be to undergo periodic rains: first night and morning in the Western and Northern regions, further to our East,” she said.

Как в апреле: погода не на шутку удивит украинцев сменой "настроения"

It is noted that the 5th day of November, rain is most likely along the strip Sumy-Poltava-Kherson, precipitation will fluctuate left and right of this area. Also, the day the rains will be held in Transcarpathia.

Как в апреле: погода не на шутку удивит украинцев сменой "настроения"

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The rest of the territory of Ukraine, without precipitation.

Wind South-West, warm, gusting to strong.

The temperature in April— + 14 + 20 degrees, on the West and East + 11 + 16 degrees.

In Kiev rain is more likely in the night, tomorrow afternoon – no precipitation. The wind in the capital will still be gusty from the southwest. The air temperature at night +11 + 13, in the afternoon about 15 degrees.

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Soon the cold is expected on November 7, but only on the West and North of Ukraine.

Как в апреле: погода не на шутку удивит украинцев сменой "настроения"

As previously reported, the weather in November is preparing a real “revolution”, as the thermometers plummet to minus figures. This was told by the weather forecaster Leonid Gorban.

“The beginning of November promises to be cool. The day is expected around 5 degrees. And since November 4, will become even more damp. Temperature drops to +2. But then will come a wave of warming, albeit small. From November 6, the day will again to +5 +6 degrees. It is also possible precipitation in the form of rain. And after the 10th day of the thermometers will begin to show less and less degrees of heat, wet snow,” he said.

Closer to the equator of the month, according to Gorban, the thermometer will show up to -7 Celsius. At night, the rate will drop to -12.

We will remind, a powerful element that struck the metropolis, thousands of people trapped: images of destruction.

As reported Politeka, the weather was crazy, the weather forecasters were stunned by the forecast: fall is cancelled.

Also Politeka wrote about a toxic cloud over Ukraine: forecasters can no longer remain silent, “to breathe”.