In a terrible accident cars and an ATV killed 8-year-old driver: details and photos of the tragedy

В страшном ДТП легковушки и квадроцикла погиб 8-летний водитель: детали и фото трагедии

Young boy riding an ATV on the streets of his village, when he drove 21-year-old driver of the car

About the terrible tragedy that happened in Bukovina according to the Department of communication of the police in Chernivtsi region. So, allowing your child to take a ride on the ATV, the relatives of 8-year-old resident of the village of urban type Krasnoilsk even could not imagine the terrible consequences.

How to tell the police, in the two hours of the day to clarify the circumstances of the accident in the village left is investigative-task force of regional Department of the national police, Storozhynetsky police Department and groups GRP.

В страшном ДТП легковушки и квадроцикла погиб 8-летний водитель: детали и фото трагедии

It is known that 21-the summer local, operating the car “Volkswagen” on a foreign registration, moving at high speed, knocked down on his way a young driver on an ATV.

As it turned out later, 8-year-old boy just wanted to go on home street.

Unfortunately, the collision was fatal and the young driver died at the scene. At the scene gathered a lot of witnesses-the villagers, who were shocked by the situation. Photo from the accident scene, it becomes clear that the collision was powerful as the Quad bike the deceased was thrown to the curb, and the vehicle suffered significant mechanical damage.

Now the police finds out all the circumstances of the accident. Managed to install one 21-year-old driver was drunk at the time of the collision and was traveling at high speed.

В страшном ДТП легковушки и квадроцикла погиб 8-летний водитель: детали и фото трагедии

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The accident investigators have contributed information in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations on signs of part 2 of article 286 (Violation of traffic safety or transport operation by the persons operating vehicles) the Criminal code of Ukraine. At present pre-judicial investigation.

For clarification of all circumstances of the accident appointed a number of examinations.

Now the relatives of the child are mourning his unexpected death, and they hope that the culprit will answer to the law for the crime.

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