In a residential area a powerful explosion, on fire: the first details of the emergency

В жилом районе прогремели мощные взрывы, все в огне: первые подробности ЧП

In the popular area of the city, a massive explosion

People are not frightened, moreover, it is known about the victims in the explosion of the pipeline. This was reported in the network with reference to the SVS. The incident occurred in Canada at the woman’s:

“In London, Canada the car hit the house, causing the explosion of the gas pipeline”, — referred to in the message.

В жилом районе прогремели мощные взрывы, все в огне: первые подробности ЧП

Investigators told local media that in one of the houses was hit by a car:

“As a result of the accident on Woodman Avenue, approximately 15 minutes after the collision, in the house there was an explosion of the pipeline, resulting in 7 neighboring houses were destroyed.”

В жилом районе прогремели мощные взрывы, все в огне: первые подробности ЧП В жилом районе прогремели мощные взрывы, все в огне: первые подробности ЧП

Seven people received injuries of varying severity in the explosion, people were taken to a local hospital. Moreover, it is known that was carried out the evacuation of residents of 100 homes due to the massive fire:

“The woman who was driving the car, was arrested. She was accused of violating the rules of driving, causing bodily harm and exceeding the speed limit. She will have to appear before the court on 4 September,” — said the police of the region.

It is also known that the fire was big, he barely managed to put out:

“On a scene worked more than 50 firefighters,” said acting Deputy fire chief Jack Burt.

Recall also, people burned to death in a luxury car – accident shocking details. The empty space in the Russian capital happened a fatal accident:

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“The inexperience of the driver as part of the management of a powerful sports car and ignoring weather conditions resulted in the night of 4 August to the fiery accident”.

So we know that on the Kiev highway in Moscow, crashed a young couple:

“The accident happened at the turn to the airport “Vnukovo”. Yellow Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray spun around on the road, hit the rear part of the bump. The car caught fire and in a matter of minutes burned up”.

In the incident, the couple was in the car died on the spot. Later, reporters learned that the husband and wife were eager to relax and lease for this luxury sports car:

“The car listed for a businessman — owner of the company for the rental of sports cars. In the garage office are a dozen of these powerful machines. Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray was introduced in Russia in may of this year, and the rental car was exhibited in June.”

В жилом районе прогремели мощные взрывы, все в огне: первые подробности ЧП

Let us remind that the tragedy in the Moscow “Sheremetyevo” this spring, shocked the world. In a network published video from the scene of the incident, which occurred with a passenger plane. It was created and flooded in the network is one of the lucky ones who managed to escape from the blazing smoky liner. He was sitting in seat 12A.

Scandalous video released on YouTube. The video clearly shows how people are inactive and just watching their eyes tragedy. Moreover, flight attendants aboard a smiling at the camera and smoothing of hair, someone quietly talking on the phone, standing almost at the epicenter of the disaster.

We will remind, powerful explosion occurred at a military base, dozens of casualties

As reported Politeka, in the Egyptian capital Cairo, there was a terrible explosion

Also Politeka wrote that in the capital of the blazing shopping center: rescuers can not cope