In a large-scale accident on Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard in Kiev, which was held on October 23, suffered a 19 car

Many motorists, the question arose – what kind of compensation can victims count.

У масштабному ДТП на бульварі Лесі Українки в Києві, яке відбулося 23 жовтня, постраждало 19 автомобілів

The answer to these questions was prepared by law firm “Insurance lawyer” on his page on Facebook, informs Rus.Media.

According to the lawyers, the insurance company of the culprit on auto insurance will not indemnify all losses under article 9 of the Law on “motor”, if the total damage for one insured event, exceeds five times the insured amount (500 000 Euro), compensation to the victims shared proportionately. The specified amount for the full amount of damage by far not enough.

The difference between the compensation received from the insurer, and actual damage must pay the employer the driver of the crane (article 1172 of the civil code of Ukraine).

Compensation for injuries the logic remains the same, but five times the sum insured is above 1 million hryvnia, so it is likely to compensation money is not enough for all the victims.

“If the victims do everything correctly – will receive compensation. Yes, it will be long, but the result is,” concluded the lawyers.

Earlier it was reported that the crane without brakes scattered 17 cars.

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