Improves performance and mood: how the sex will help you climb the career ladder

Повышает работоспособность и настроение: как интим поможет подняться по карьерной лестнице

Scientists have discovered how sex in the morning affects the health throughout the day

Scientists have proved the relationship morning sex with performance. Moreover, the researchers believe that the quality of sexual life is directly related to the quality of the work.

Researchers from the American University of Oregon have shown a link sex life with the quality of work. Scientists conducted an experiment with 150 workers, who are in marital relationship.

Повышает работоспособность и настроение: как интим поможет подняться по карьерной лестнице

For two weeks they observed the quality of their work, mood, and conducted surveys.

Dr. Keith Leavitt saw a pattern: regular sex makes a person more productive at work. Also, according to the researcher, people engaged in morning sex, you feel happier in the workplace.

Those who received morning share of the endorphins came into the workplace in a more cheerful mood, in contrast to the other.

Merry mood of workers effectively affected their entire working day. In addition, the employees themselves and feel happy during the performance of their duties.

Leavitt believes that sex is not only physiological and emotional effect, and has important social benefits. The study also showed that the positive effect of morning sex is saved for 24 hours.

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Повышает работоспособность и настроение: как интим поможет подняться по карьерной лестнице

The man, whose sex – a rare treat, often under stress. Therefore, the doctors came to the conclusion that an active sex family life is one of the factors to advance up the career ladder.

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