Important week in the QMJHL

gilles-bouchard-ete-nomme-meilleurCHRONIC / When you read this, I will be already arrived in Charlottetown for the Assizes of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. This will be a first experience for new managers of Chicoutimi. This is an important week for all teams, because there are many scheduled meetings.

Everything will end with the entry draft on Saturday. The Sags will be difficult to steal the spotlight as they did last year in Sherbrooke, while they had three first round picks. Yanick Jean, however, some cards in his game, who has five picks in the first two rounds. This is a week loaded at all levels. Meetings on marketing, accounting, therapists, assistants, instructors, game descriptors, governors and the team owners. Moreover, the organization of Sags will be between 15 and 20 people on site from Thursday.

Several topics will be on the schedule, including the Memorial Cup tournament in 2018 to mark the centennial of the Canadian Hockey League. A formula will also be considered for the selection order. We know that for many years, and therefore the first choice between the two teams in the standings. Are we going to witness the arrival of an abacus, just as seen in the National Hockey League? This is a subject that will be studied so it will be interesting to all.

Friday between 10am and noon, teams will announce transactions that have already been concluded or exchanges that were already planned since January, during the last period of the transactions. Of course, Friday night will be one of the long knives. Wee hours of the morning, there will be discussions and corridor rumors on draft session Saturday. So a big week for junior hockey.

Big week also for many young players, hoping to be rescued not a QMJHL team. In the region, we will monitor the Olivier Rodrigue goalkeeper Jonquière Elites. This is a great hope. Besides, I am convinced that it will be selected in the second or third row maximum. For those who want to monitor the draft, it will be broadcast on TVA Sports at 9am Saturday morning.

Gilles Bouchard and the Huskies

For his part, Gilles Bouchard won the title of best coach in Canada. Quite a feat for him but also for his team, the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies. A small market is reflected in the final of the Memorial Cup. There were 60 training at the beginning of the season and there remained only two at the end. The Huskies have not found themselves in the final against anyone, that is to say, the London Knights, one of the biggest markets of all Canadian junior hockey. They also represented the OHL in four of the last five years. Congratulations to the team of Gilles Bouchard!

Hats off also to Samuel Girard, who, at 17, has been recognized across Canada. He was nominated in two categories and won the title of the gentleman. The next step for the young Girard, the NHL draft in June.

In closing, we were treated to a grand final at the Memorial Cup. It’s a heartbreaking overtime loss the Huskies saw the Knights win. It must be said, the victory seemed easy for London according to several experts. But the Huskies showed that they were a tough team, as they have done throughout the season. They were also about three minutes from the famous Memorial Cup win in overtime and is the work of a single shot. Congratulations to the Huskies and Knights.

A word about golf. I had the opportunity to play with one of my former teammates, Germain Munger, last week. We know the talented hockey player and athlete Germain, say he has not lost his touch on golf courses. Despite his 75 years sounded well, he managed to play 74 or less a sub age! It’s not everyone who managed such a feat.

Interview by Jonathan Hudon

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