Important tips that will make your muffins lush

Pancakes are incredibly fluffy and tasty.

Важливі поради, які зроблять ваші оладки пишними

The taste of pancakes, many of us remember from childhood. Pancakes are perfect for Breakfast, informs Rus.Media.

Hot air go great with sour cream or jam. Simply delicious! Isn’t it?

However, not all pancakes turn out fluffy. Sometimes it also happens that no matter how much the hostess tried pancakes like, unfortunately, soles.

Today you can learn several tricks that will help you to make your pancakes very fluffy and of course delicious:

First: When cooking pancakes, use milk or yogurt only at room temperature.

If you decide to add to the dough cold yogurt straight from the fridge, you risk to ruin the whole result. Because as you know, soda and lactic acid interact much better warm.

Second: don’t use too much sugar. Better sweeten ready-made pancakes with jam or powdered sugar.

Third: when you have kneaded the dough, give him some rest at normal room temperature. Just let the dough stand about 15 to 30 minutes.

Fourth: When the time has passed and the dough is ready for frying, you should not mix.

Fifth: pancakes it is better to fry on a small medium heat. When frying the pancakes should be covered with a lid. When the pancakes begin to appear holes, they can turn.

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