Important military object appeared in the Kyiv region: will monitor the space

Важный военный объект появился на Киевщине: будет следить за космосом

The Kyiv region has started a new military Observatory for observing the satellites

This April 12 reported the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

Важный военный объект появился на Киевщине: будет следить за космосом

The purpose of the new object to obtain data associated with national security, and economic activity by tracking the artificial satellites.

On the same lot as the system will work “Zbruch”, which monitors space objects in Earth orbit, including space debris that may pose a danger.

As reported by Vladimir Juror, head of National control center and tests of space means that the specialists of the complex today track about 12 thousand space objects.

Note that astronomical observatories like this in Ukraine a few, they carry different functions. Among other things, they receive information about the purpose of each space object and assess its potential threat.

Also an important function of a military Observatory may be the formation of targeting for impact precision weapon systems.

Важный военный объект появился на Киевщине: будет следить за космосом

We will remind, in Odessa on April 9 arrived car carrier Sea Amazon, which brought new weapons provided by the United States of America for the Ukrainian army

The ship under the flag of Malta delivered to Ukraine 175 tons of weapons.

In particular, the United States sent to the aid of APU 20 combat HMMWV SUVs and 15 more sanitary.

Thus, from the beginning of the military aggression of Russia in 2014, the United States was sent to Ukraine for the third party HMMWV. The first and second were delivered to Ukraine in 2015 and 2017.

Basically HMMWV in Ukraine are equipped with air assault brigade.

Note that the combat HMMWV SUV capable of speeds up to 113 km/hour, consuming from 16 to 23 liters per 100 kilometers. the crew of the SUV, up to five people, including one driver and one shooter.

We will note, earlier it was reported that Ukraine has developed and mastered the manufacture of electromagnetic weapons designed to destroy various types of military electronic equipment. About it reports a press-service of “Fully”.

The creation of such technology became possible thanks to attraction of foreign investments. New electromagnetic weapon creates a powerful electromagnetic radiation, leading to the failure of electronic equipment, which is part of weapons and military equipment, or creates significant interference with its regular functioning.

This type of weapons uses only the energy of the electromagnetic radiation, so his action has no lethal effect on humans, however, capable of disabling any equipment or infrastructure, which is equipped with electronic systems. Electromagnetic ammunition can be placed on a missile, and aircraft carriers, including unmanned aerial vehicles.

Recall that the United States gave Ukraine the weapons, which can instantly detect the enemy.

As reported Politeka, the network released photos of the boats of the Island class that tomorrow the US will give Ukraine.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian weapons sale to NATO.