“I’m not going there”: Laima Vaikule in Odessa spoke about the Crimea

In the Crimea I will not go, whatever the fee I was offered.

«Я туда не поеду»: Лайма Вайкуле в Одессе высказалась о Крыме

Photo: Duma

This was stated by the famous Latvian singer Laima Vaikule before his concert at the port of Odessa, where she gave a short press conference, reports the Duma.

“On the question of the correspondent “Duma”, go do it in the Crimea, the scientist replied: “I understand what you’re asking. In General, I am far from politics but in relation to the Crimea can say for sure — I will not go there, however the fee I was offered,” — said the singer.

As the media, the artist retains a good shape and watching political events in the world and the former CIS.

Laima Vaikule — Soviet and Latvian pop singer, actress. People’s artist of Latvia.

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