“I’m an alcoholic”: the singer Lolita has made provocative recognition

Singer Lolita Milyavskaya is not afraid to shock the audience and to tell the truth about his life. In a recent interview, the artiste spoke about his relationship to alcohol and boldly admitted his alcohol addiction.

Lately a hot topic of gossip began depending on local celebrities. First became aware of alcohol and drug dependency TV presenter Dana Borisova, and followed her to get rid of addiction to alcohol in the Thai rehabilitation center went and singer Evgeny Osin.

Shortly before the statements of Borisov said that alcohol and drugs are the scourge of modern showbiz, declared himself a champion of the dependency of the Russian celebrities and proposed to cure Masha Malinovsky and Anastas Volochkova. But if the dancer persistently denies his alcoholism, which it has long accused fans, that Lolita was not afraid to openly admit to his addiction to alcohol.

Today the actress celebrates her 54 birthday, which she celebrates a big solo concert in St. Petersburg. Since morning she posts on Instagram a congratulatory video sent to her colleagues and friends.

But that’s not what interested subscribers artist and her confession, made in a recent interview on the eve of the birthday. It Lolita openly called himself an alcoholic. Though in this case it explained that not talking seriously.

“One of the real problems with booze, never acknowledged anyone, not even myself, that he is an alcoholic. Well, I have no problems,” explained IBA correspondents “Telenedelya” – “Yes, I can periodically catch with a glass of whiskey in his hand, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Sometimes allow myself to relax.”
The singer also said that have never suffered star fever, and in recent years, and is committed to lead a quiet and simple life. The actress has even reduced the number of concerts, to enjoy a woman’s pleasures, and that is to spend more time at home with her husband tennis player Dmitry Ivanov, who is younger than her 12 years.

While Lolita admitted that suffers from its popularity at the household level. Fame prevents her from even trying to enjoy shopping, because it is recognized everywhere.

“I want in the store on sale to dig, and then one shopper found out, then the second, third… Until photographed, any rag from under the noses taken away” — complained the singer, but assured that never denies the fans attention – “don’t play hard, it is not peculiar to me. If you want to be unavailable, out of the house go out, phone calls were not answered”.

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