Illegal migrant from Mali saved the baby and received a citizen of France (VIDEO)

Нелегальный мигрант из Мали спас ребенка и получил за это гражданство Франции (ВИДЕО)

A migrant from Mali Mamuda Gassama, who is without insurance, risking his life, climbed to the 4th floor of the house, and took out the baby that had fallen from the balcony was invited to an audience with the President and Emmanuel macron.

We will remind, incident happened on may 26 on a street in the North of Paris. As reported, Gassama passed by the house in the North of Paris and saw the crowd of people that looked from the bottom on the 4-year-old child hanging from the railing of the balcony of the fourth floor. Malian, not long thinking, climbed to the balcony and saved the boy.

Earlier, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has called it “spider-man 18 district.”

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