Illegal importation of arms: the two Americans spend the summer in the shade

1211938(SHERBROOKE) Held in a case of illegal importation of firearms, two Americans arrested at the Canadian border in early June will summer at the detention center in Sherbrooke. The Californian Jonathon Bryce Darcangelo and Spencer Truesdell Texas settled their accounts with the law in Sherbrooke, then sentenced to five months in detention.

They pleaded guilty to reduced illegal importation of firearms charge.

The two defendants told the court they had no malicious intent behind their gesture of failing to declare their weapons at the border. If they tried to evade regulation, it was not to be seize their weapons.

Defended by Patrick Frechette, both defendants have apologized to Canadian authorities.

Helen Fabi judge of the Quebec Court sentenced them to five months in prison. She cut the remand time as a result of the joint submission of counsel of record. They therefore remain four and a half months in prison to be served.

Prohibited from possessing weapons in Canada for ten years was imposed.

The two Americans found themselves behind bars for failing to declare their loaded weapons through Canadian customs.

The two individuals were denied their release under conditions.

Darcangelo was arrested on June 2, at the border of East Hereford, while Truesdell was intercepted in Woburn the next day, June 3 The latter kept a loaded gun in a drawer under the bed of his trailer. Calibre.38 a revolver loaded with six bullets, ammunition and pepper spray cylinder found in the vehicle of Jonathon Bryce Darcangelo.

His lawyer Alexandre Tardif had set a trial in his case last week. However, Darcangelo gave the mandate to set the Monday before being sentenced to detention suggested.

It’s Me Andreanne Cote representing the federal Crown in both cases on Monday at the courthouse in Sherbrooke.

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