IKEA plans to expand the network after the opening of the first store in Kiev in summer 2019

Swedish company IKEA, the world’s largest retailer of furniture and home goods, plans to expand its network of outlets in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities after testing the first store in the city Mall, Ocean Mall, whose opening is planned in the summer of 2019.

ІКЕА планирует расширение сети после открытия первого магазина в Киеве летом-2019‍

“We want the first shop to study and understand the market and then when we feel we understand the market, we will open stores in Kiev and other cities. Ideal for learning the right year to get a full cycle… Also we are working as quickly as possible to implement online sales”, — said the Executive Director of the company “IKEA South-East Europe” stéphane Vanoverbeke in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to him, the area of the first IKEA store in Kiev will be about 6 thousand square meters, the range will include furniture and accessories.

“The store will be divided into locations, we call them room set – this kind of rooms where we show solutions for the home. Also there will be concept for small households. Will all the components, we collect the maximum number of products to ensure the full and best experience for the buyer”, — said S. Vanoverbeke.

According to him, the range in the Ukrainian shop will include products that the company sells in other countries. The company intends to develop outlets that are smaller than the traditional IKEA.

“The idea is to build one big shopping Mall in one part of town no longer works. For example, residents of the Left Bank of the capital, to get to the store on the Right, will have to spend 1-2 hours, it is not so available turns. So first it will be the center of the city, later may add a food establishment, and further, probably, will develop the concept of smaller outlets in less accessible places in the area,” he explained.

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At the same time, he said, the company does not exclude the increase of retail space in Ukraine.

“Our colleagues have analyzed the market of large shopping malls. And, indeed, in Ukraine in comparison with countries of Western Europe also benefits from space IKEA. Our experience with large shopping centres are more characteristic of countries such as China. But we still analyze it for Ukraine, let’s see how the market will develop”, — said the Executive Director of IKEA.


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