Igor Nikolaev has made a sensational confession: “I’m a pedophile, you know”

Игорь Николаев сделал сенсационное признание: «педофил я, понимаешь»

Igor Nikolaev spoke about his two wives who are much younger than him

Russian singer and composer decided to tell the details of his personal life.

So, in a television interview, he complained that, having been married to Natasha Koroleva, he was attacked by society. According to the artist, all did not give rest to his difference in age with Ukrainian girl.

Игорь Николаев сделал сенсационное признание: «педофил я, понимаешь»

Although, as stated Nikolaev, Natasha was his age only 13 years old.

The artist also shocked in a sensational confession about what his people had thought. “The paradox is that in the previous marriage, although I was older, only 13 years, there is always that story that he is a pedophile. A pedophile I was, you know,” he repented singer.

He added that this age difference was irritated by all of his friends.

At the same time, surprised by such aggression in marriage with Yulia Proskuryakova no, although she was younger than her husband of 22 years.

“No I do not speak or see. This is absolutely an amazing thing. But still it was kind of a bone that you throw to her so bitten, chewed on,” he shared his sore Igor Nikolaev.

As previously reported, the Nikolaev shared on his Instagram a warm family photo with his young wife and baby daughter.

59-year-old singer is trying to hide details of his personal life with Proskuryakova, but once I decided to share with the fans frame in which poses with his wife Julia and daughter Veronica.

Игорь Николаев сделал сенсационное признание: «педофил я, понимаешь»

However, Instagram users are skeptical about Nikolaev marriage with a young wife. They believe that Julia is looking for in Union benefits. Nikolaev and he actually still loves Natasha Queen.

“One infuriates me Julia?”, “Igor Nikolaev loved (and perhaps still loves) the Queen Natasha. And the Queen loved him (perhaps too good). Natasha once said that wishes she had a child from Nikolaev. How much Nikolaev songs written after parting with the Queen… each song a touch of melancholy and regret about parting with Natasha. Julia… Wife as a wife. Only there is no happiness in their eyes. I look at them when they are together, and do something”, “Dad daughter and granddaughter!”, “Powdered and brainless next to his wife,” write in the comments.

Recall, Pugachev staged a farce on the anniversary of Nikolaev.

As reported Politeka, Nikolayev was urgently taken to the er, was diagnosed.

Also Politeka wrote that Igor Nikolaev showed an unexpected photo with Pugacheva in tights.