Igor mizrach: “My dad pulled out”

Игорь Мизрах: "Мой папа вырулит"

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The clip is filmed. Song of Sergey Zhorov and Alexander matienko “My dad pulled out” really got hit. And it all started as a joke… Actually, he remembered the youth, when standing on stage, playing and fooling around! Now, after the premiere of the clip I can’t believe that it turned out a real HIT. In the YOUTUBe clip has been downloaded 10,000 times and went radio play!!!!!

The clip is filmed super professional Director Aleksey Isakovym according to the script of Anna Maksymchuk! And not to write lovers criticism – we love this creative work! And we’re happy with it!

My dad pulled out. Igor Mizrach

And how they filmed the clip (backstage)

The story of the shooting of the video


And it will be a new big hit

My dad pulled out, he pulled out.

From the terminator, he’s Dr. Feelgood.

My dad pulled out, he pulled out

And it will be a new big hit

My dad pulled out, he pulled out.

From Rimbaud steeper, steeper than Brad pitt.

My dad pulled out, he pulled out


Dad never find

Whichever way, it does not say.

Dad ever so he is one,

The most reliable of all the men.

Spicket English to German fairstein,

Intelligence is almost Einstein

His gaze it melts armor

Yes, he is like armor and I love


With dad so even where, at least in the exploration,

The tigers tremble when he enters the cage.

From the sky all the stars will give me it.

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Dad always and everywhere respected,

All over the Council come to him.

But the main secret they do not know

Home for dad’s Mom decides.