Igor mizrach cited three pillars on which stands the future: education, art, ecology

Игорь Мизрах назвал три кита, на которых стоит будущее: образование, искусство, экология

To help people no matter what – to give them care, art, help financially. So, perhaps, is to describe the position of Igor Mizrahi

This writes Ukraine informs.

At that time, the country is in a difficult financial situation, only people like Igor mizrach – people with big and kind heart, and can help those in need.

Financial Affairs in Ukraine has never been perfect. Igor mizrach in such a situation said: “to paraphrase a famous expression of the hero of Bulgakov’s Transfiguration Professor, it turns out the slogan of modernity: “Poverty in our heads”. In the minds of all begins and continues with the elite. With regard to system management, management methods have long been outdated and does not have the right to exist in the changing modern life. The lack of loyal legislation for investors, a huge shadow market.

Igor mizrach offers to remake the education system in the country first and foremost. As a teacher with years of experience, an innovator in education, Igor mizrach understands what he’s talking about. After all, the basic values and understanding of life are laid at school. Precisely because it is so important high-quality universal free public education.

And where to take resources? In Ukraine, the largest in Europe, the supply of fertile land — this should be the answer to the question about how to get rid of economic or any other crisis. Advantageous geographical position, fertile land, that is what should be the basis for a dignified life for Ukrainians for many years. Igor mizrach does not lose optimism: “So the hope is, this our youth, our young experts in economy and politics. We are on the threshold of a new era”.

And Igor mizrach knows what he’s talking about! He brought up not one generation of talented students, who are proud to call themselves disciples of the master from God. And of course, Igor mizrach notes, and the great importance of such sostavlyaya of human development, as the love of high art. In the world there are many things that bring happiness: money, comfort, fashion, travel. But a special place in every man’s life is art. We understand the art or want to understand, to understand or to avoid. But the art gradually, drop by drop, fills us special and like no happiness.

Art is a form of social human consciousness and human activity that reflects reality in a concrete-sensual images in accordance with certain aesthetic ideals.

Last but not least is the environmental consciousness of citizens. Igor mizrach so harakterizuet situation in the world and in the country: “of Course to stop undesirable climatic tendencies, but locally to mitigate their negative consequences is quite real. This is evidenced by the results of studies of various branches of science. Existing knowledge in the process of changes of climatic conditions, require and will require substantial additions, a concrete, systematic and complex. They today needed for scientific study “programs for the conservation of ecologically safe conditions for the functioning of biocenoses and geocenosis the Steppe” and timely implementation”.