Igor Lesev went through tough new batch of Kernes and Trukhanov: “Suitcase and a samovar”

Игорь Лесев жестко прошелся по новой партии Кернеса и Труханова: «Чемодан и самовар»

Opportunistic and narodowego Association – the new batch two Gennadiev

About this program “good evening”, said its presenter Igor Lesev.

The two mayors decided to unite for the upcoming parliamentary elections, went from a journalist. Lesew notably drove and law enforcement, and Gennadiy Kernes, and Gennady Truhanov – the mayor of Kharkov and Odessa, respectively.

Игорь Лесев жестко прошелся по новой партии Кернеса и Труханова: «Чемодан и самовар»

And Lesew opened political tricks before the Ukrainian people’s fun – elections.

In Kharkiv on the day Congress passed a new batch of Kernes and Trukhanov. Lesew deemed that created a new political Union at the election, and the Union of the two mayors broadcaster calls the Association “a suitcase and a samovar”. “Absolutely ridiculous and uninteresting to anyone… Absolutely opportunistic Association. Thus, unsaleable,” adds Lesew.

He also recalls another important moment that occurred on the same day, Ukrainian nationalists have torn down in Kharkiv, a bust of Soviet Marshal Zhukov, and also picketed the Congress by staging “a corridor of shame” to the participants. “Here on the forefront of technology,” suggests Lesew.

He also recalled that before the presidential election, Trukhanov and Karens supported the incumbent head of state Petro Poroshenko.

“This does not mean that Trukhanov and Kernes supported Poroshenko sincerely. Poroshenko them bent. And they caved in. And not very resisted,” – said in his transfer Lesev, calling the mayors of Odessa and Kharkov “very flexible guys.”

With regard to the demolition of the bust of the commander, this action of the nationalists Lesew resonant and calls it “another split in society.”

And hints Lesew reason all of this happened in Kharkov: “In the vast majority of people have a positive attitude to Zhukov. This is not an assumption. It’s sociology. In Lviv, Bandera is revered. In Kharkov, Zhukov. This is the reality of our country. And here in Kharkov bust Zhukov demolished…”

At the same time, draws the attention of Igor Lesev, law enforcement agencies do not even try to prevent those who cut down the bust of Zhukov.

Игорь Лесев жестко прошелся по новой партии Кернеса и Труханова: «Чемодан и самовар»

The evening of the same day of Gennady Kernes comes out of the post in the social network, in which he promises the bust to recover and have a normal MPs in Parliament.

“So the local hamsters sell a new project. The Union of two Gennadiev…” – reveals the pre-election political technologies Igor Lesev.

We will remind, the inauguration Zelensky: date, place and the signs from the former presidents.

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