Igor Lesev revealed the truth about the scandal from the formula Steinmeier: “Back in 2013”

Игорь Лесев раскрыл правду о скандале из-за формулы Штайнмайера: «Вернемся в 2013 год»

The resolution of the Ukraine to act according to the formula Steinmeier gave the Ukrainians themselves, electing the current government

As reported Politeka, it said the presenter Igor Lesev in the program “good evening” (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

“Here is the formula of Steinmeier. Personally I don’t like it. I delegated Zelensky and his team to represent my interests. And millions of people did as well as I do. I don’t like introduce cash registers. I don’t like how open the land market. I don’t like the old girl and Markarova in the new government. I don’t like men with beards, hipsters, and just morons in the new team Zelensky. But until the next election they are the government,” he said.

Игорь Лесев раскрыл правду о скандале из-за формулы Штайнмайера: «Вернемся в 2013 год»

Losev argues that the current people in the government “implement internal and external policies”.

“We gave these characters such a right. And when someone is right suppresses. It is a revolt against democratic institutions in the state. This performance against the common people. Who voted for Zelenski, and who did not vote for him” — he said.

Moreover, Lesev offered Ukrainians to remember the situation that occurred in more “legitimate”.

“You’ll be back in 2013. But it was his right. Part of the society came to the Maidan to protest. It is also the right of the people guaranteed by the Constitution. To peacefully protest. But when he was captured Kiev mayor’s office – it was already an act of banditry. The power is not stopped. How it ended we all know. Start capture other administrative buildings. And then I went and the bodies,” he said.

As previously reported, the new program of the government Alexey Goncharuk has nothing to do with reality. This is a new edition of “a Bad night” said the presenter Igor Lesev.

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According to the journalist, the new Cabinet was painted its programme of action, recognizing that there is no report on it. Lesew cited as an example a few points from this program that the government Goncharuk allegedly planning to carry out in Ukraine.

Игорь Лесев раскрыл правду о скандале из-за формулы Штайнмайера: «Вернемся в 2013 год»

We will remind, the panic at customs, the team Zelensky took a tough decision.

As reported Politeka, began a complete rebooting of the government: Ukraine is rocked by a loud firing.

Also Politeka wrote that Goncharuk has suddenly changed activity in a network there was video.