Igor Lesev revealed the true cause of the “capture” of the bridge in Kiev: “Big production concert”

Игорь Лесев раскрыл истинную причину «захвата» моста в Киеве: «Большой постановочный концерт»

The situation with the “miner” Kiev bridge showed just two sad moment that concerns the security forces and the authorities

About this program “good evening” said her presenter Igor Lesev.

“The first is action and the qualifications of authorities. Five years ago, we have about Ali**the Crimea. Without firing a shot. And then we wondered – how could this happen? And that takes 5 years. And we see that one man can capture the whole bridge. And to paralyze the giant metropolis. And the government or is involved in a large staged concert. Or, even worse, has no basic plan of action in emergency situations”, — he said.

The proof of this Lesew resulting actions of the Klitschko during an emergency.

Игорь Лесев раскрыл истинную причину «захвата» моста в Киеве: «Большой постановочный концерт»

“Drove Klitschko on the bike. That’s why there came Klitschko? What is his functionality? In Kiev, every day dozens of women give birth to children. Some very difficult childbirth. Why is there Klitschko is not coming? But in my house yesterday there was no water. What he did not come to me? I would ask, how are you doing, darling. Not washed, teeth not cleaned”, — he stressed.

The second conclusion argues Lesev, even sadder, because in the country there are plenty of people who “justify any heinous act”.

“Here you are, rooting for real Madrid. And then the words of a pedophile, who also drowns for real Madrid. Here’s some pedophile has become a little less of a pedophile. And if a drug addict with two previous convictions, but with the Ukrainian flag captures bridge. Which is probably against the formula of Steinmeier. So, he is not an addict. And in this case the bridge is to capture possible”, — he said.

As previously reported, in the Internet appeared the video of the interrogation of Alex Belko, who had seized the bridge in Kiev

The footage was published, interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

So, on the published shots man admits that he went to the incident because of a difficult situation. In particular, Belko had two days to live in the car, and his credit card was blocked.

“I was not going to blow up because the blow was nothing,” he said.

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Moreover, the man admitted that he was forced to inject drugs due to the fact that six days have not slept. The reason for this, according to him, “interesting things” in the apartment, which he found on the Internet. Because of this, he was forced to sleep on the street.

Then the “miner” asked citizens for forgiveness for the incident.

As previously reported, Alex Belko, who on Wednesday, September 18, provoked a terrible commotion, threatening to blow up the capital bridge is not considered a terrorist. More precisely, it is not accused of preparing a terrorist act. Everything seems to be Belko was not a terrorist, but an ordinary bully. Anyway, this article he is now charged with the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

Игорь Лесев раскрыл истинную причину «захвата» моста в Киеве: «Большой постановочный концерт»

We will remind, in Kiev, a terrorist opened fire on the special forces, the assault began.

As reported Politeka, a mysterious murder at a gas station in Mykolaiv: the murderer was caught.

Also Politeka wrote about mining of Metro bridge in Kiev: the name of the shooter and rock details, hidden in the police.