Igor Lesev revealed details of the success Zelensky: “put in place”

Игорь Лесев раскрыл детали успеха Зеленского: «ставил на место»

Vladimir Zelensky his opening speech loaded and Parliament came out very decent

About it in a video interview Politeka said the journalist, the author of the program “good evening” Igor Lesev.

He said that he analyzed the speech of the previous President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko five years ago and today Zelensky. According to Leseva, Poroshenko distanced himself from the residents of Donbass and put the “obstacle” – the Ukrainian language, which the East had talked.

Игорь Лесев раскрыл детали успеха Зеленского: «ставил на место»

As for the speech Zelensky, he “worked at all” and sounded applause.

“Zelensky is people’s President”, – said Igor Lesev, keeping in mind that he voted all regions of the country.

As for the atmosphere, which spoke in Parliament Vladimir Zelensky, she was not entirely positive.

“He knew that he was in a terrarium that took up arms against him four hundred and some deputies, plus guests – 600-700 people. And he’s not asked for. He, on the contrary, they were put in place. He started against them,” – said the presenter.

He believes that the newly elected President with his speech “charge and came out with dignity”.

As previously reported, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he is ready to go for the return of peace in the Donbass. He said this, speaking at the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, declaring its first word as President of Ukraine.

In particular, Vladimir Zelensky, talking about the war in the Donbas, moved to the Russian language, making, thus, a kind of appeal to the President of the aggressor country of Vladimir Putin.

Zelensky said that the first task of Ukraine — the cease-fire in the Donbass.

“Our priority is the ceasefire in the Donbass. I am often asked: “And what you are ready for a cease-fire?” Strange question. And what you, Ukrainians, for the life of the people close to you? What? I can assure you that for the sake of our heroes are no longer dying, I am ready for anything. I’m not afraid to make difficult decisions. I’m ready to lose its popularity, its ratings. And if need be, I have no hesitation ready to lose his job to just peace,” said Parliament President.

Игорь Лесев раскрыл детали успеха Зеленского: «ставил на место»

“History is unfair: we did not start this war. Not us, but to us the war ended. And we are ready for dialogue, but. I’m sure that the first step to begin this dialogue will be the return of all Ukrainian prisoners of war,” Zelenski applied to the aggressor country.

The next challenge for the country’s head of state Vladimir Zelensky called the return of lost territories.

“To be honest, I think that this wording is not quite correct, for it is impossible to lose something that’s rightfully ours,” concluded Zelensky.

We will remind, the inauguration Zelensky: date, place and the signs from the former presidents.

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