Igor Lesev exposed political past Vakarchuk: “Well, that’s just fuck up**I”

Игорь Лесев разоблачил политическое прошлое Вакарчука: «Ну вот просто усра**я»

Ukrainian singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is not the first time it is in the policy, to repeat their “success”

About this program “good evening”, said its presenter Igor Lesev.

“Vakarchuk wants somewhere to go – let him go. By the way, is what the power because for the first time. He was already an MP. From the bankrupt party “Our Ukraine – national Self-defence”. Yushchenko’s team and always pop up Lutsenko. Vakarchuk was reeeally effective Deputy. Called for as many as 15 plenary meetings. Not filed a single bill. Well, that’s just fuck up**smiling, what an irreplaceable person in Parliament was,” he said.

At the same time Lesew reminded Ukrainians as Vakarchuk “jiving” Zelensky.

“Remember the behavior Vakarchuk in the midst of the election campaign. Remember how his jiving Zelensky. “Thank — you, Yes or no?” And Thank so tightly stuck in the toilet. He had a new newspaper brought. And a laxative given. And he still does vysrat**I could not. And in the end did what? Supported Petro Poroshenko. I vote for fun” — he stressed.

As previously reported, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk scarified Vladimir Zelensky, who did not even have time to take office of the President.

On 16 may the leader of the group “Okean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk presented in Kiev his party “Voice” with which he plans to break into the Verkhovna Rada. The musician said that “forced to answer” the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky before Ukrainians for unfulfilled promises.

“I’ll tell you this: if the President will propose changes, we will advocate for more changes. If he forgets about their promises, we will force him to answer to the voters. We need real change, and not imitation,” warned Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

The musician stressed that change in Ukraine is not enough to believe in a new President. The same mistake people have made in 2004 and 2014. Svyatoslav Vakarchuk stressed that the guarantor should be accountable to the voters.

It should be noted that the musician was already a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. He was in Parliament during the 6th convocation in the list of the Association “Our Ukraine — national Self-defence”. Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has a mandate from 23 November 2007 to 16 December 2008, when prematurely resigned. During the work in Parliament the singer missed most of the meeting and has not submitted a single bill, although introduced two amendments.

Игорь Лесев разоблачил политическое прошлое Вакарчука: «Ну вот просто усра**я»

We will remind, “Listened to Poroshenko” Vakarchuk discouraged Ukrainians with a loud outburst, the election result is a foregone conclusion.

As reported Politeka, Chornovil “washed” Vakarchuk, who was preparing in the Parliament: “Looked at Zelensky and…”.

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