Igor Lesev disclosed the purpose of distribution of passports of the Russian Federation in the Donbas: “They will f** * Xia and multiply”

Игорь Лесев раскрыл цель раздачи паспортов РФ на Донбассе: «Они будут тра**ся и размножаться»

The Russian Federation decided to issue passports on the occupied territory of Donbass for several reasons

About this program “good evening” her TV presenter Igor Lesev.

“Look what Russia is doing. It attracts to itself millions of our compatriots. And decides for itself two key tasks. First. Revitalizes its economy. The second task. Eliminates demographic hole. Young girls and lads from Donetsk, Kharkov and Odessa. Moving to Saratov or Yaroslavl. And there they will treat**I and multiply,” he said.

Игорь Лесев раскрыл цель раздачи паспортов РФ на Донбассе: «Они будут тра**ся и размножаться»

Moreover, Lesev abruptly walked across the Ukrainian Ministers that ran over the Ukrainians living in the occupied territories.

“The Minister sotspolitiki Reva calls the residents of Donbass MPa*d. Another mental mistake – Grymchak. Deputy Minister, who deals with the issues of refugees of Donbass. Here he says that all who receive Russian citizenship, will be immediately deprived of Ukrainian. It is clear that Grymchak and intellect are two parallel lines. They will never intersect. The Constitution explicitly says that no one can deprive a citizen of Ukraine citizenship. But it’s Grymchak. Useful idiot of Putin. Russia is just seeking to Ukrainians with the ends left from her. To they are still his family got there”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin will spend billions of budget funds of the Russian Federation after the issuance of Russian passports in the occupied Donbas. About this in his video blog told the journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk.

According to him, Vladimir Putin has admitted that after the signing of the decree on the issuance of passports of the Russian Federation it is necessary to allocate 100 billion rubles for pensions of the new “citizens”.

However, according to Roman Tsymbalyuk, this amount would be expedient to issue not as social benefits, but as reparations to Ukraine for armed aggression, which was started by Vladimir Putin.

“The 100 billion Russian rubles, or about $1.5 billion at the current exchange rate. In principle, a considerable sum of money. Maybe she really is not that big for the Russian Federation, but the issue is you need not as pensions, but as reparations. Then we can reach mutual understanding with Ukraine,” — said the journalist.

Игорь Лесев раскрыл цель раздачи паспортов РФ на Донбассе: «Они будут тра**ся и размножаться»

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