Igor Lesev called the cause of the panic in the headquarters of Klitschko: “out PI*****”

Игорь Лесев назвал причину паники в штабе Кличко: "Рейтинг как пи*****"

Capital mayor Vitaly Klitschko is in the truest sense of the word accomplice, as he silently watched the baiting Saakashvili

About this program “good evening”, said its presenter Igor Lesev.

“Vitali Klitschko. Co-Defendant Pyotr Poroshenko. Until recently, headed the party “Solidarity”. The party in power. Which drove Saakashvili, Carlson on the roof. And twice deported from the country. That is, while Poroshenko was in power. Klitschko was all arranged. He supported Poroshenko in the presidential election. He watched silently as Saakashvili with a bag over his head and kicks up the backside were taken to the airport. But now Klitschko is burning”, — he said.

Cause of “burning” Klitschko calls Lesew rating that the policy “as PIP*ka in the January hamster”.

“Klitschko is toxic and he still shy. Poroshenko rating already shrunk to 6%. And continues to dive down. The whole zoo there does not fit. And then there Vitalin the corral. Tymoshenko Klitschko just sent Naha*”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the mayor Vitaly Klitschko himself to blame for the situation arising from the so-called “plundered the bridge.” About this program “good evening”, said its presenter Igor Lesev.

“I repeat. For our money. Taken from our pocket. But even the opening of the bridge Klitschko can’t do as human beings. Here come two brother to open the bridge. Vladimir, let me remind you, too, have plans to throw in politics. And now they jump together on the bridge. Its glass section. That’s what they did? They showed the guys on this glass you can jump in and fucking him! They showed our people. Just imagine the picture. Chicago or Tokyo, that’s still where. A new skyscraper. The mayor picks up the brick and throws in a skyscraper. Guys, there armor glass, no brick is not broken”, — he said.

It was his example, says Klitschko, received and vandals.

“That’s how the skyscraper will stand for the whole? Even stupid opossums understand b that if a pedestrian bridge is glass, its characteristics must be able to withstand jumping. But Holy crap! Why the heck would show that on the bridge you can jump? In our country there are people who are free to vote for Poroshenko. We do not find idiots who will try to smash this glass bridge? And of course they were found. By the evening glass on the bridge was destroyed. Bitch, in the evening! Well, the bridge, of course, blocked. The holiday was a success”, — he stressed.

Игорь Лесев назвал причину паники в штабе Кличко: "Рейтинг как пи*****"

Recall that the Ukrainians are very ambiguous reacted to the demonstration “maneuver” of Kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko.

As reported Politeka, Vitali Klitschko arrived in the morning to vote in the election — on his bike.

Also Politeka wrote that experts showed how to rid Kiev of “eternal” problems with Parking.