Igor Krutoy starred in the video Yegor creed “Cool”

The famous Russian composer and producer Igor Krutoy became the main hero of the new ironic video Yegor creed. In a new video work, called “Cool,” the 24-year-old singer tried on the role of a 64-year-old people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

In the video, the rapper claimed to a Cool home and asks him to evaluate his idea for a song. Ward Timothy reports that the writing of the songs it gave a real situation of life, occurred in the United States. In recognition of Yegor, in the United States, where he was on tour, all pronounced his name as Igor. Creed also says the person who wouldn’t even let him in his attempts to prove that Yegor and Igor are two different name, was not a success.

But after hearing the rapper, the composer advises the Creed, not to wind his curlers on a bald head, pointedly closing the door on him. Moreover, Steep gives the intruder to understand that the conversation is over, showing him the finger.

In the clip, actor Black Star co-starred other famous “Igor”. To participate in the filming of “Cool” agreed singer Igor Nikolaev, designer Igor Gulyaev, and comedian Garik Kharlamov. And as the show backstage footage from the shooting, which had become part of the video, on the set of all involved “Igori” had a lot of fun. In addition, they are badly battered nerves of the Director Zaur Zaseev that ruined not just one frame with her laughter.

During the day, the video for “Cool” has collected 1.9 million hits, while the impressions of the audience are contradictory. One audience clip liked it, others found it boring clip, and note that the meaning of the song is reduced to the repetition of a few words. Critics argue that the repeated bits in the tracks of the rapper. Unhappy users have pointed this roller 55 thousand dislikes allowed and once again noted the clip is in the creed, which literally saturated the video of Black Star.

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