Ignoring carbohydrates leads to depletion

Игнорирование углеводов приводит к истощению

Some myths about fitness are preventing us to lose weight and become healthier

Every day we feel the “bombing” of new information and philosophy about proper nutrition, which in combination with fitness exercises, can lead to weight loss.

However, a large percentage of information that appears every day, sometimes it is just a myth. Here are 5 of them.

Carbohydrates are harmful

Carbohydrates are the first source of energy for the body and is critical, especially during extreme physical exertion. Ignoring the carbs in the menu can decrease muscular endurance and lead to loss of energy, depletion and fatigue.

Игнорирование углеводов приводит к истощению

Experts say that the best times to consume carbs for Breakfast and after a workout.

Only a morning workout give good results

A number of fitness trainers and experts recommend exercise between 16-18 hours, when the body temperature is the highest. Then we are much more productive, but it is not a categorical rule. To achieve good results, it is important not only training, but also perseverance, intensity and good self-discipline.

Belt of gravity helps the back

In a growing number of fitness gyms belt of gravity is used as a measure to prevent injuries to the back and waist. However, over time, the belt relaxes and the abdominal transverse muscle.

For this reason, it is recommended not to wear the belt during the entire workout, and only when necessary. Use it mostly for exercises such as squats, upper abs, dead lift, etc.

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Игнорирование углеводов приводит к истощению

Sports drinks better than water

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