IGA Normandin: investment of $ 6M

iga-normandin-sera-agrandi-agitThe IGA Normandin will be expanded. This is an investment of $ 6M which will create 15 new jobs.

“I am pleased to finally announce it. It’s been several months that I work with that folder’s Sobbey and we are now ready to start work on Monday, “said the owner Denis Cloutier.

An expansion of 7600 square feet is projected. Homes were purchased and an agreement with the city allowed to gain street. “The expansion is the north side. The street from the St. Cyril Street will still be usable, because it will serve as parking access, “he said.

The supermarket will be completely revamped. The entrance will be relocated, the perishable areas like counters of fruits and vegetables, ready-to-eat, the butcher and the bakery will be revised. “We will have a modern store. This already 20 years old. To meet the requirements of our customers and keep them buying habits in Normandin, had to invest, “he said.

The company, which employs 70 people will swell its staff to 85 as a result of this investment.

Work will begin Monday and should be completed in early December. “We do not close the stores during the work. There will surely be of little annoyances, but they will be very limited. We will continue to provide excellent service, “says Cloutier.

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