If you watch TV, the worse happens: scientists

Если много смотреть телевизор, случится непоправимое: ученые

Watching TV more than 2 hours a day can lead to early death

Doctors have conducted studies and concluded that watching television daily for several hours adversely affects human health and can even lead to death.

The authors of the study equate long watching television to bad habits such as Smoking, alcohol consumption and poor diet. Love the TV, it may cause considerable danger for the heart.

Если много смотреть телевизор, случится непоправимое: ученые

Scientists from the University of Glasgow evaluated the effects of watching TV to health than 330 000 people aged 40 to 69 years.

During the study once again confirmed the importance of healthy sleep. Revealed that people who slept less than 7 or more than 9 hours a day, more often suffered from heart disease and ahead of time went out of life. However, the study authors noted that prolonged TV viewing interferes with healthy sleep – this is a significant risk factor in the modern lifestyle. Other bad habits related obesity, lack of physical activity, alcohol abuse, Smoking, and poor diet.

Если много смотреть телевизор, случится непоправимое: ученые

Almost all of us there exists a moderate dependence on gadgets: can we control it, but still feel anxiety when the phone or network does not have access. As “treatment” specialists recommend to leave the phone charging overnight in the next room, limit the use of certain programs by using special applications or translate the display into black and white mode, the notification did not attract attention to himself.

Thus, if people limit the time spent watching television, their health can be strengthened, and life expectancy extended. A significant role plays the way of life that leads people. Now, however, the TV can get the list of the same bad habits like cigarettes and alcohol.

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