If you do not reduce the price of gas to Luhansk TPP, then from 1 October in the region, will begin power failure – Sura

Если не снизить цену газа для Луганской ТЭС, то с 1 октября в области начнутся отключения электроэнергии, - Сурай

To avoid stopping the operation of the Luhansk thermal power plant and save the region from rolling blackouts, it is necessary to take urgent measures to reduce the cost of gas for the station. This opinion was voiced by Director of the Department of housing and communal services of Luhansk regional administration Vitaly Surai, transmit Ukrainian news.

“Reducing the cost of gas for the thermal power plant is one of the options to solve the issue, we came out again with a proposal to the government about reducing gas prices for Lugansk thermal power plant. If this decision is made, it will be the solution that will enable the region to avoid rolling blackouts”, — said Vitaly Sura. Recall, the cost of electricity production on gas is not covered by the current electricity prices.

According to Vitaly Suraya, last week Luganskgaz sent a notification that from October 1 stops the supply of gas to the Luhansk TPP.

“For the station this means the stop will be a shortage of about 70% of power in the region, will disconnection of customers from the electricity”, — said Vitaly Sura.

In his opinion, the government can take measures to solve the difficult situation. “Last Thursday we went to the Prime Minister, today we promptly inform the government about the situation that tomorrow we may happen to collect at 16.00 the Commission on technogenic and ecological security, consider this question. Need to find a compensatory mechanism for the price of gas for thermal power plants, depends on the energy supply of the region”, — said Vitaly Sura.

In his opinion, the government should consider to bring coal supplies to the Luhansk TPP, which was blocked by Russia in June 2019. “And you need to solve the issue of supply of coal to the station since June, blocked the supply of coal, we need the trilateral contact group at the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the resumption of negotiations with Russia on the resumption of supply of coal to the Luhansk TPP”, — said Vitaly Sura.

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As previously reported, the Governor of Luhansk region Vitaly komarnicki believes that, in order not to leave the Luhansk region without electricity, the Cabinet must take the decision to lower gas prices for Lugansk thermal power plant. We will remind, Lugansk thermal power plant can receive coal by rail only from the Russian territory, because the entrances to the stations controlled by the Ukrainian authorities there. TES provides electricity to the North of the Luhansk region, about 1 million consumers. July 29, the Lugansk thermal power plant switched to gas because of the lack of coal reserves due to Russia’s restrictions on imports of coal in Ukraine.