If the price of gas to Luhansk TPP is not reduced, the area will be completely paralyzed, – Moskal

Если цену на газ для Луганской ТЭС не снизить, область будет полностью парализована, - Москаль

Thanks to the government’s decision on reducing gas prices for Lugansk thermal power plant, residents of the area will be saved

This was stated by former Chairman of the Luhansk regional military-civil administration Gennady Moskal on air 112 channel, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

Gennady Moskal reminded that due to the overlap of Russian coal supplies to Ukraine, the Luhansk power plant was forced to switch to using gas to produce electricity. Other routes of supply of coal, except in Russia, the TPP is not, and in the region there is a threatening situation.

“Today, there is the problem of the survival of the Luhansk region. As a former Chairman of the military-civil administration can not leave it unattended. From 1 June, our diplomats, our politicians from the new government so twisted that Russia stopped the supply of coal, and the coal delivered to CHPP “Happiness” is impossible on the other hand, only from Russia. That is, people may be left without light, without work”, — said Moskal.

He said that coal reserves in the Luhansk TPP ended and on 29 July she was forced to step on the gas. However, if you sell electricity to the public at the current price of gas, the bills will increase several times. Therefore, according to Moskal, the government, reducing gas prices for Lugansk thermal power plant, made the only right decision, which saved the residents of the region.

“The Cabinet took fire today itself. I am not a supporter of Groisman and am not a supporter of the Cabinet. It is the right solution for all his work that I see today. Yes, indeed, it would be all laid down in bills of citizens. If not lowered the price of gas, people would have gone bankrupt,” — said Moskal.

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Moskal also added that to solve problems with the supply of coal to the Luhansk TPP, it is necessary to finish Kremenezky substation and the railroad in this city, but the new government is not engaged.

“Began to build Kremenezky substation. Need to finish building the railway in Kremenets in Luhansk region. However, none of these, neither the government nor the new government, one that does,” — said Moskal.

We will remind, on July 29, Lugansk thermal power plant switched to using gas instead of coal for electricity production. The reason for this was the blocking of the supply of anthracite coal to the power station from Russia.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman at a government meeting on 14 August stated that the state of emergency order reduces the price of gas to Luhansk TPP, because if the gas will be supplied at commercial price, the cost of electricity for inhabitants of the region will increase several times, and in the region, and without enough problems.