If the electricity market will fail to run completely, then from 1 July it is possible to introduce in stages – Waller

Если рынок электроэнергии не удастся запустить полностью, то с 1 июля его можно вводить поэтапно, - Воллер

According to the head of the energy section of the group of support of Ukraine in the European Commission Torsten Waller, in case of impossibility to run the new electricity market from 1 July, you can enter it in stages. But this is possible only if a clear plan of action
About it reports “Business capital”.

“The ideal would be for us to have had some kind of partial, the first phase has already taken place on 1 July. And that was a clear action plan: the second stage, third stage, fourth stage, which can be pragmatic. And we are ready to participate,” said the European official.

Thorsten Waller recalled that in April, representatives of international organizations appealed to the Ukrainian authorities to expedite the preparation for the timely introduction of the new electricity market.

“In the month of April international partners have sent a joint letter in which we have clearly identified what other issues need to be resolved before 1 July. There we said clearly that we would like to open the market July 1, but there are still these issues that need to be addressed,” he said.

The European community does not leave attempts to draw the attention of Ukraine to the necessity of more thorough preparation for the launch of the electricity market.

“And on Friday, after discussion in Parliament, is also the Secretariat of the energy community more clearly sent a letter with all these events to take place before the full opening of the market. My assessment is that it is very ambitious. We have 5 weeks,” said Vollert.

April 23, representatives of the EU, the EBRD, the European energy community, the European investment Bank and USAID in Ukraine, said that concerned about the braking of the launch of the new electricity market.

State enterprise “NEC “Ukrenergo” and “energy” has already begun to test the purchases and sales in preparation for the implementation of the law “On electricity market”, reported in the National Commission exercising the state regulation in energy and utilities.

13 may Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman confirmed that the market launch is planned from 1 July.