“I was forced…” Poroshenko appeared for questioning: how was it

«Я был вынужден…», Порошенко явился на допрос: как это было

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko came for questioning to the State Bureau of investigation

Footage posted on Youtube.

“Despite the fact that today I was scheduled for 15:00 international meeting, I was forced to reschedule the international meeting and to respond to those insinuations that start and Mr. Portnow and individual members of the RRT, and to come here today to fully refute attempts Portnov and his minions from Russia to discredit Ukraine”, — he noted.

At the same time the speaker of the GBR Angelica Ivanov said that the interrogation ex-the guarantor has already begun.

“Due to the fact that the agenda for today was, now began the interrogation. It’s definitely more than an hour will last. I personally had Peter I, the investigator met him, the interrogation started,” she said.

According to her, the questioning of Poroshenko for illegal acts in the transaction of sale of plant “Workshop on rybalskaya”.

As previously reported, on July 21 in Ukraine held early parliamentary elections. Blogger Elizaveta Bogutskaya on his page in Facebook commented on the results of the CEC, according to which the party “European solidarity” has overcome the threshold.

On July 24 the Commission has estimated 99.7% of electronic protocols. The election result is clear. So the leader of the race was the party of the “servant of the people” Vladimir Zelensky received over 6 million votes (43%). At the same time, for “European solidarity” voted five times less respondents — just over 8%. She was on the fourth place. Elizaveta Bogutskaya drew attention to the political forces who do not have enough support for people to get into the Parliament. Closer to the cherished goal is “Radical party of Oleh Lyashko”, which gained 4%.

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“Now you laugh at those who of the former odious did not get into Parliament. And we still don’t know who is more lucky. Maybe, once again, by the “law of seven” (3-5%) would be that they are the lucky ones.

Elizaveta Bogutskaya reminded that many Ukrainians were angry with the former President because of a series of scandals. At the same time, Poroshenko himself during the election campaign spoke to voters over fences and ridiculous encouraged them to scream his name. The representative of the “public Servants”, who also won the elections on party lists, told about the fate of the ex-guarantor in the Verkhovna Rada.

«Я был вынужден…», Порошенко явился на допрос: как это было

We will remind, Poroshenko staged a fight at a private party: “went crazy”.

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko on the day of reckoning: what’s happening right at this moment, the day of judgment.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko made a fatal mistake, his party is doomed in Parliament.