“I waited a year, but he again went to war”: well-Known actress married to a handsome soldier APU

«Я ждала год, но он снова ушел воевать»: Известная актриса выходит замуж за красавца-воина ВСУ

Ukrainian actress and volunteer Alla Martyniuk told the story of his love with a warrior OOS Vitaly Averin

Interview made for blackseatv.com.

Actress and volunteer Alla Martyniuk, probably never would have met his chosen one, if not the war.

Alla and Vitaly Averin (call “Aver”) met in front Selydove. Before that they met in social networks, but not copied. But after the meeting began to actively communicate, to call, to write. Vitaly sent of alle flowers by courier. And the young people fell in love.

«Я ждала год, но он снова ушел воевать»: Известная актриса выходит замуж за красавца-воина ВСУ

After 10 months of their relationship, the pair participated in the project “Call me z wine”, and after their dance numbers Vitali did to Alla the proposal.

“This is one of the most vivid and touching moments in my life”, — says Alla.

Alla says that being a girl soldier hard, it can overcome only really loving.

“You have to understand that they’re living their difficult lives, and a woman still wants a lot of affection, attention and care. Not every military can give, being at a distance, and even in a combat zone. I’ve been on antidepressants, and have become accustomed to such things. So when he disappears for half a day or more, then pray and exhale, otherwise you can go crazy,” says the girl.

«Я ждала год, но он снова ушел воевать»: Известная актриса выходит замуж за красавца-воина ВСУ

However, Alla is a proud man, in fact he considers him a true advocate, for the country and for themselves.

“So fun when you come to him or he to you, is all beautiful in form. And you’re proud of that man of yours”, — says Alla.

The girl says that their relationship is not smooth. Among young people even have quarrels, but Alla is sure that loving people will come to reconciliation. In addition, Vitaly is a military that reflects on his character and psyche, so Alla is trying to be particularly delicate. Vitali, in turn, works on himself and tries to overcome difficulties in communication.

“I was waiting for him, and he promised to be back for good. But after little more than a month after his discharge, he again signed a contract and went to war. I really took it hard but accepted his decision, because if you love, you don’t stifle people. I understand that it is important today to be there brothers, he is a Man and a patriot with a capital”, — said Alla.

Vitali continued to fight in the 58 brigade. Alla in films, writes songs, and helps military orphans from the area of environmental protection and is waiting for her lover.

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