“I POF*g, I’m a military officer!” Pyany on staged auto accident in Kiev. Shocking footage

"Мне поф*г, я военный офицер!" Пяный на авто устроил ДТП в Киеве. Скандальные кадры

On one of the streets of the residential area Husbandman, near Kiev, a drunk driver of the Mercedes flew into the green zone near the road and were condemned by local residents

So, when a man in a car was in the ditch, the locals started to make a remark to his ability to Park, many were openly indignant that the man is clearly drunk. Then the driver gave the phrase, which further angered the witnesses, and at the same time network users.

"Мне поф*г, я военный офицер!" Пяный на авто устроил ДТП в Киеве. Скандальные кадры

“I do not care how I Park, I am a military officer,” said the driver in the course of clarifying the circumstances of the incident, reported on that group’s page “Husbandman” in Facebook. Internet users have managed to find a number of auto – AA0032OB.

The group “Operational Kyiv” published a report of an eyewitness of the incident, who managed to photograph the culprit. He said Rodnyansky by Vlodimir, and claimed that “there are good people who will make these papers (the documents of the investigation about what happened – ed.) to be lost”.

“He just forgot that car, and not on the BMP sedan will not last long”, “People! Good to clamor on the market. A real officer will never utter the phrase “military officer”. Greedy is normal, and not an officer”, “Well, if you come and burn. To say I do not care I’m a moron…”, “It’s outrageous, that says it all, so the officer “honor,” — wrote one user. Well, 5 years of “fierce battles” with such “officers” another 15 years “navagam”. We areas will be enough,” the others answer.

“If it did not, as hoped, not shame…. pretend that it was intended”, “a beautiful Car — vozidlo no. Well this is what we should have or not have the brains to lock up”. “No ,Well, this has Not happened. Moose wanted to the table to drive something”, “I see what you officer… Shame on chase”, “in our neighborhood, everything is possible. Just a Deer”, “Duck walk, parrots fly…. Here and the deer galloped….”, “He’s an asshole, not an officer,” “Cattle,” added the other commentators under the video.

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