“I never would have suspected”

veterinaire-anne-marie-chasse-fait(Granby) “There is a bit of me in all this building there … Here, you see that brick wall? I had all chosen and placed carefully, one by one. “

Anne-Marie Chasse look at the work of the past 20 years sadly. In the space of one night last week, it’s all gone up in smoke.

After absorbing this shock, a second, larger, expecting the vet. It is his former spouse who would set fire to the clinic.

“It’s just when the police confirmed that it was him who was going to be accused that I understood. I never would have suspected, it is too kind, honest. Customers loved it and was valued here. I still have trouble believing today “, was sorry Ms. Chassé, in an interview Saturday in The Eastern Voices on the edge of his veterinary clinic, likely a total loss.

It was 20 years ago, Anne-Marie Chassé and his spouse, who shall remain the identity for now since it has not yet appeared in court (he received a promise to appear on 31 October) started the veterinary clinic.

Homecoming weeks ago

Having left it 10 years ago, they found it a few weeks ago. They never divorced not because of the cost of the process. “We were not a couple, says Dr. Chassé. I especially found a friend. […] He lost his job as a clerk in Chambly it two months ago and I rented him my basement. Eventually, I gave him hours to the clinic because I level needs replacing. ”

It is only during the holiday return of Anne-Marie Chassé, earlier this week, they had worked together. A difference of opinion arose between the two, they finally settled back at home. “We had yet reconciled … I do not understand” is questioning the lady. It’s the next night that the fire occurred.

“When the police came to wake me up at 3 am, I was in panic and in shock, I did not realize what was happening. The knees have dropped me. I sobbed on the edge of the street, helpless, “said the veterinarian.

Around 7 pm, she began to wonder where her former spouse, she could not join. “Around 8 pm, I asked the police if they knew where he was. They could not tell me anything, “she continues.

It is ultimately an investigator who informed her that he was meeting with police. “I landed the position by asking to see him. I am told he is in a cell, he was intercepted in Beloeil. It was at that moment that I understand everything and everything collapses, “recalls Anne-Marie Chasse difficult.

“This clinic there, it’s my baby”
Gradually, Anne-Marie Chassé is recovering from the tragedy that was played on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. But if it wants to look to the future to move forward, she admits not having even the strength now.

“I’m so exhausted, she drops. I have not eaten for two days and it is only since Friday I started to live. I am a girl of projects and currently I am paralyzed, I do not know where I’m going. ”

She thanked also his family and friends have shouldered in this event.

Obviously, the veterinarian has enormous attachment to his clinic. “Look, I have no children. This clinic there, that’s my baby I student for 20 years. I spent my life on this project. It’s a nightmare that I now live. ”

Having read some reviews on the internet which implicated in the case, Anne-Marie Chassé denies vehemently. “I’m not at all mingled with that, ‘she says. I am a victim and people pay me evil intentions … ”

“Honestly, in insurance, I do not know how it will unfold. I experienced water damage there six years and it was complicated. It may be a long process, “she added.

Rebuild a new clinic or rent new premises? The woman now weighs its options, but prefer to go a step at a time and do not rush to make an informed decision.

Support the veterinary community

A balm to his heart, a veterinarian Bromont has proposed him to continue his work of Chatinérants in his clinic. Others have written to give it their support.

“I thought that was so nice of him! It is certain that I would continue my work with stray cats until replace everything for me, “said the veterinarian, a determined tone.

The veterinary clinic is known for her involvement in the matter. The City of Granby had decided to implement a program capture, sterilization and release of these little felines in July. The contract was awarded to veterinary Chassé. “It is in solution mode to continue the contract, if ever there other clinics who wish to help us,” she said.

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