“I love you”: who died at Sheremetyevo airport, the flight attendant struck act before death

"Я тебя люблю": погибший в Шереметьево бортпроводник поразил поступком перед гибелью

It became known about the tragic love story that was interrupted by the crash in Sheremetyevo

It is reported by Telegram channel Mash.

The flight attendant Maxim Moiseev worked on the ill-fated Sukhoi Superjet 100, which burned on the runway at the airport Sheremetyevo.

"Я тебя люблю": погибший в Шереметьево бортпроводник поразил поступком перед гибелью

In times of tragedy, Maxim was in the kitchen of an economy class helping the passengers. He tried to open the door so people could leave the Board.

The guy fought to the last for the salvation of men, but to save themselves did not, died in an airplane.

As it turned out, Maxim before his death, managed to send his girlfriend last TEXT with the words “I love you”.

Xenia – the so-called girl. She also works as a flight attendant. She is now with the parents of Maxim.

"Я тебя люблю": погибший в Шереметьево бортпроводник поразил поступком перед гибелью

We will remind, before the plane crash at Sheremetyevo airport, the passengers called their loved ones and screamed that the plane crashes

About this in comments to journalists said the stewardess Sukhoi Superjet 100 Tatiana Kasatkina, who managed to survive after a terrible emergency in the Moscow airport.

According to her, the passengers in the cabin began in a panic to get up from their seats, trying to get to the exit, when the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 is still moving at high speed.

In this case, as told by the surviving flight attendant Tatyana Kasatkina, the passengers phoned his family and shouted that the plane burns and falls.

“It all happened very quickly, never had the time. Passengers pushed out. Each collar was pulled so they did not linger,” said Kasatkina and noted that immediately after stopping the aircraft flight attendants began evacuating passengers.

Tatyana Kasatkina also confirmed that many tried to get their personal items off the shelves, despite pre-departure normal instruction.

According to flight attendants, the plane was really hit by lightning, then there was a communication problem.

“On the left side of the plane of the cotton, and then all was enveloped in black smoke. Inside the plane flame was not, however, the Windows began to melt before the stop of the plane,” said the eyewitness to the terrible tragedy, which killed 41 people.

We will remind, Ukraine has bought a plane-killer, from which all refused: too dangerous.

As reported Politeka, U.S. military aircraft were spotted near the Crimea: “Bomb the Crimean bridge.”

Also Politeka wrote that a naked man “terrorized” the plane with the Russians: parts and frames PE.