“I have patience”: Vakarchuk powerfully appealed to the Ukrainians and said that will happen after the election

«У меня лопнуло терпение»: Вакарчук мощно обратился к украинцам и рассказал, что будет после выборов

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and his team are serious about how to replace the so-called “professional politicians” who only hamper the development of our country

The leader of the party “the Voice” said during his speech in Cherkassy on July 5. He stressed that his team are professional and honest people that never was in power.

According to Vakarchuk, the current policy over recent years, only fed the people with promises, while it continues to plunder the country and slow down its development.

“I have patience to wait until those who called themselves professional politicians, 28 did not fulfil promises and just robbed our country. I have patience to watch our country with their “aid” become poorer and poorer. We are not prepared to wait any longer, so they go into politics to make real, not fake change,” — said Vakarchuk.

«У меня лопнуло терпение»: Вакарчук мощно обратился к украинцам и рассказал, что будет после выборов

He stressed that the Parliament needs to work with representatives of ordinary people, not oligarchs. According to Vakarchuk, Ukraine needs people who are ready to pursue these amendments and to oppose those who would resist the development of the country.

“You ask what is the real difference? I’ll tell you. This is when the law – one for all. This is when the corrupt and the thieves are in jail. This is when the old policy, which actually lied to us for so many years, will retire. Real change is when finally the people who go into politics will think about us, about ordinary people,” — said the leader of “Voices” at the end of his speech to the voters.

It is worth noting that now Vakarchuk visits the cities of Ukraine with his pre-election tour that was called “Tursun”.

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#Tursun from Cherkasy

Posted by the Voice on Friday, July 5, 2019

Recall Vakarchuk stunned an emergency statement, Tymoshenko is doomed.

As reported Politeka, Vakarchuk revealed the plan of liberation of the Crimea, Russia will be powerless.

Also Politeka wrote that Vakarchuk spoke about the concerts of “Okean Elzy” after passing in the Parliament: “This brand is our principle”.