“… I had to work to keep teeth!”

«… Надо было за работу держаться зубами!»

— New Manager we fired again, you know? Work out a week, and adieu, from Monday I’m again alone in the office… so, with the beginning of the year for the second one goes!

— Yes you that? This is a brand new, Igor fired? Wow… You said that he’s, like, good? I have to teach him nothing, especially compared to the previous maiden which line in the table of number couldn’t… Yeah, he worked for a short time, four months just… Wait, so he quits, or he was asked?

…At a table in the cafe sat a group of girls of about thirty years — obviously, they came to lunch and is located across a large office building. Girls ordered ate vegetable salads and talked fresh office news and gossip.

— But where there “he goes”! Work needed him like air. He has three children, the very young, the wife does not work, the mother is sick seriously. Glad that the probationary period has passed, took the staff, and now this. Fired, Yes, and with a Bang. Sorry, of course, the guy he’s good… But it was his fault that it happened! There was nothing to climb into a bottle in front of my boss…

— What happened? Why fired?

— He refused to go to the office party two weeks ago. And flatly refused…

— Come on! Really this fired? Can’t be… No, I know, of course, that S. Paul, Director, very respected these activities. When I got here two years ago, my girls were warned to not try to pass them. Yes, Paul S. and myself all the time warns that corporate, like, not fun, but part of the job, no “want — not” can not be… Julia, well, you, then what? Couldn’t warn the guy not to cancel the trip?

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As if I didn’t warn you, yeah! I told him openly say — even, they say, don’t equivocate. You’re out like a cork!.. We, they say, is sacred, twice a year to the New year leaving the boarding house, and in the middle of the summer somewhere on the nature on shish kebabs. Form a team in a new environment. Games, karaoke, sack races… they Say will not lose anything from you, I will go, talk, get acquainted with all closer, kebabs sing. From the family get some rest. In the end, it’s even fun…

— Well, Igor, what? Not listened to the advice?

He first shrugged his shoulders, without special enthusiasm, they say, well if strongly it is necessary… And then I saw that the event is scheduled for Saturday, early morning departure and all day until the evening, — and soared! This is why I said, in my legal day off is bound to go somewhere! What might be party in my free time? I have a family, children, mother in the hospital, their plans…

— Oh, you done! He is also in the working time wanted on the corporate to go?

— Honestly, he didn’t want to go anywhere. But then it was somehow tricky to wriggle out! I would say about the mother in the hospital, or tickets somewhere picked up, or the tap is broken… would come Up with any valid reason, but not swing right!

— In! I he said the same thing — think of something! But these men are so useless!.. Semenych him — say, Igor, the company is not wasted money spends on these activities is not fun, but part of the corporate culture, no one misses those trips. And he, you know — show, said to me in the employment contract the point at which I must be present at your event, your day…

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Oh. Semyonitch’s probably turned green with anger, right?

— Well, Yes, it was. Says Igor, I’m afraid we are not going to work if you don’t follow our rules and my direct orders. But Horana already suffered. If your order says, would be outside the scope of our employment relationship, of course, are not going to work, because to implement them I will not!.. Word for word — and voila. Igor gathers our belongings…

— Where is he now?

— I don’t know… Says — not lost, not alone this day. I’m going off the courier, loader, storekeeper. Don’t know, I don’t share his optimism, work is now plugging. Of course, the men a bit easier than women, but they are unsweetened. At the girlfriend the husband half a year already knocks thirty-five years, with good education, experience, and could not find anything… On the spot Igor had teeth holding a job. Three children of the guy! Yes, there is not only corporate need to go in the forefront! Here have to crow and the splits to sit down, if the boss likes it…


What do you think, that Igor is really an idiot? There was nothing to climb on the rampage, there’s more in his situation? Said corporate, so the corporate event on Saturday so Saturday? Need to feed my family and keep up the good work teeth?

In the end, it has not collapsed, went with the company. It’s not so often visits every six months. Good job worth it?

Or, on the contrary, such as Igor, command respect? You should be able to defend their rights, to say no when something’s not to like?

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The people who hold the position of teeth and dancing to the tune of the Director -tyrant, look pathetic, you have to respect yourself?

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