I found a way to make coffee more useful: “Improves intelligence”

Найден способ, как сделать кофе более полезным: "Улучшает интеллект"

The researchers flavored drink and explain how best to use it to reduce negative effects on the body caffeine and improve intelligence

Researchers conducted an experiment in which they came to the conclusion that to drink coffee together with cocoa. The combination of coffee with cocoa has a positive effect on the brain and relieves unpleasant disturbing effect of caffeine, the authors found experiences.

Drink coffee with cocoa for health rather than just coffee. This coffee mix helps to improve concentration and it does not cause the negative effects associated with the use of “pure” caffeine.

Найден способ, как сделать кофе более полезным: "Улучшает интеллект"

In the experiment, subjects were asked four products — coffee, cocoa, coffee with cocoa and placebo. The taste was masked by the sweetener so that to understand what kind of drink was almost impossible. After drinking the beverages, the volunteers had to pass special tests on intelligence.

The data obtained by scientists showed that people who drank coffee with cocoa, best of all coped with the tests. In particular, these participants better than the rest concentrate on the test task and quickly found the correct answer for his decisions.

“Drinking coffee with cacao stimulates blood flow to the human brain that improves attention, enhances the ability to assimilate new knowledge. After this drink, people have not observed increased anxiety — one of the most negative effects of coffee. We also noticed that if coffee is added to cocoa, the levels of anger and anxiety decreased, while when used only of caffeine in humans could increase the level of aggression,” — said the authors of the project.

We will add, earlier we wrote how coffee reduces the risk of development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in old age.

In Canada, scientists from the Research Institute of Brambila came to the conclusion that coffee can affect the risk of development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The data obtained in the study of canadian experts has published the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience. However, as demonstrated in this study, the protective effect has not caffeine, and a substance contained in coffee. Canadian scientists came to the conclusion that this saving element is formed during the roasting process.

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Найден способ, как сделать кофе более полезным: "Улучшает интеллект"

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