“I can’t stand when a b*DLO laughs”: Les Podervyansky blown “Quarter 95” without Zelensky

"Терпеть не могу, когда б*дло смеется": Лесь Подервянский разнес "Квартал 95" без Зеленского

Famous Ukrainian writer Les Podervyansky spoke about the situation in the country

He spoke about elections, politicians and even “95 quarter” in an interview with the Censor. No.

The writer shared his opinion that his speech people go to laugh. Often the audience start to laugh even before he starts talking. The Les notes that he does not like jokes.

“I don’t even like jokes. And I do not like jokes. It annoys me when someone is joking. I don’t like humor. That’s it! I can’t stand this genre. HERE ALL THIS S ** NUDE ON THE 95TH QUARTER, WHEN B * DLO LAUGHS. WELL, A B * DLO CAN UNDERSTAND: IT paid money to laugh! “—said the writer.

"Терпеть не могу, когда б*дло смеется": Лесь Подервянский разнес "Квартал 95" без Зеленского

However, he told the story about the neighbor who was constantly telling stories from his life, for example, when a drunk fell in a hole in the cemetery and slept there, and in the morning the place came with a coffin.

“Life is funnier than any jokes. And she’s not kidding. But we ride under the tables!”, — said Podervyansky.

Les also mentioned about friends and about how everything has changed after Maidan and war. He notes that outside Ukraine, in Russia it is mainly friends who moved from Kiev. With them he maintains a good relationship.

“War is a very clear litmus. Here our, here enemies — and nothing else. In peacetime it doesn’t work, looking for some tones. And in war there are no half-tones”, — assured the Les.

"Терпеть не могу, когда б*дло смеется": Лесь Подервянский разнес "Квартал 95" без Зеленского

He also said that he thinks that Ukraine is only 5 years old democracy and the voter still does not understand how to properly and safely to select a candidate in the election.

“They want the President was Jesus Christ, beautiful as Alain Delon, poor as Robin hood (everyone was handing out, because I don’t like the rich) and talented as Napoleon. But this does not happen! No one can do that. Especially politicians, it’s pretty vile profession, ” — he explained.

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Also earlier it was reported that the actress “95 Quarter” Elena Kravetz admired network, presenting a series of black-and-white photo in a stylish way by posting footage in sollenau network Instagram.

The star of the Studio “Quarter-95” was impressed by the new images, shown on the page in Instagram “Women’s quarter”.

"Терпеть не могу, когда б*дло смеется": Лесь Подервянский разнес "Квартал 95" без Зеленского

As you know, Elena not only participates in the filming of the show, but now also is also a member of the dance project, constantly training and every week is staggering impossible dance “PA” on the floor.

However, this time the star was struck by the change of the image, turning on the stage of “Quarter” in the nurse. In the new post of group “Quarter” in Instagram, it is noted that very soon, fans will have the opportunity to evaluate the new numbers from already popular artists.

We will remind, the hot beauty of “Kvartal 95” light up Breasts without a bra.

As reported Politeka, Kravets and other beauties “Quarter 95” struck bold photos from behind the scenes.

Politeka also wrote that the leader of “95 Quarter” showed who was behind Polyakova