Hyundai’s sales leader in November was the Creta crossover

In November the Korean automaker Hyundai has managed to sell 5 758 crossovers Creta, which is 19.6% higher than last year. Representatives of the company said that the model has again become a best-seller. Crossover holds the leadership position from the day of entering the market Russia – August 2016.

In Russia Hyundai in the past month managed to sell 15 284 auto, which indicates a negative trend of 3.1%. However, the number of sales for the period January-November 2017 rose 8.9%, to 142 881 car.

The second position on the sales of the brand in November, took a new generation of the sedan Hyundai Solaris – 5 299 units, despite a negative trend at 35.8%. Three leaders closes the crossover Hyundai Tucson, which in November showed the best figure for the year – 1 510 auto.

In addition, in November was acquired 958 instances of the Hyundai Elantra. TOP 5 bestselling brand in Russia closes the crossover Santa Fe with the parameters of the 895 units. It is worth noting that the new Hyundai Sonata, which began selling in late September, is gaining popularity. Last month was sold 691 units, up 13% higher than in October.

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