Hypnotherapy will cause on interrogation in the police: a scandal with a personal limousine is gaining momentum

Пугачеву вызовут на допрос в полицию: скандал с личным лимузином набирает обороты

The scandal that erupted after the outrageous antics of the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva continued

Law enforcement officials are going to conduct a review to Institute against Alla Pugacheva case on administrative violation, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Lawyer Alexander Sergeyev wrote a statement to the police on Dolly parton, with a request to inspect and to initiate proceedings on administrative violation.

Пугачеву вызовут на допрос в полицию: скандал с личным лимузином набирает обороты

Also, the lawyer Sergeyev insisted that the police conducted the interrogation Pugacheva “with the aim of establishing the perpetrators of the offence”.

In addition, Sergeev demands to bring to disciplinary responsibility and peace officers who have committed this violation.

Photo statements of the lawyer posted on his page in Instagram. Commentators on the subject were divided:

“Hello everyone! Deserved and envious awake. idlers do not what to do.”, “Another freak decided to connect to the paid services. AB came to the service platform with permission from the station to his car.”, “Some nonsense, go do something useful and leave Alia alone .”, “Is she the goddess S. a capital letter or something. All the same, or.it something not as in Aceh rostet..what nonsense (((**””Money they have thanks to us the audience. But to respect us there is no” — write users.

Please specify what service VIP check-in often are used by politicians and celebrities. She just invented to public persons without attention got to the car and boarded the train.

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Пугачеву вызовут на допрос в полицию: скандал с личным лимузином набирает обороты

What’s the fault of Alla Pugacheva is unclear. However, on the star the name of people’s artist and the hype surrounding this incident have already decided popiaritsya.

Recall that Alla Pugacheva with her husband and children left Russia.

The prima Donna of Russian and Soviet music, with her stellar husband and kids went on holiday abroad.

In the Internet appeared the video demonstration where the family goes on vacation. It is known that the star couple, most likely, went to Jurmala. In the video, the family is full of ordinary people who came to relax by the sea – children play, parents laugh, stroll on the beach – no hint of “stardom”.

Recall Pugacheva preparing for her next wedding: “gone to his head a week later after Dating”.

As reported Politeka, daughter Pugacheva and Galkin was sentenced Kristina Orbakaite.

Also Politeka reported that Pugachev was annealed with a former lover, appeared bright video.