Hydro-Quebec takes the pulse of citizens in Bromont

defigurer-chemins-panoramiques-inacceptable-clame(Bromont) Hydro-Quebec is strengthening its distribution network in Bromont. The addition of new power lines in the rural area roads Gaspé and Magog is particularly contemplated. Before choosing the final route, the corporation will hold a public consultation on July 14 at the City Hall. This is to take the pulse of many concerned citizens in the folder.

Caroline Girard is the number. “People in the industry will present in large numbers in the public consultation, it is obvious. The plan is not to say “not in my backyard” or to go to war against Hydro-Québec. This is an opportunity to ask specific questions. On the other hand, disfigure scenic roads is unacceptable! “, Launched the resident’s way of Gaspé.

In fact, the project stems from the construction of the new position of Adamsville, whose costs are estimated at $ 65 million. Multiple changes to the distribution network are in the pipeline. Replacing the existing system with new equipment phase (three son) erected along the road, is particularly expected.

In this sense, citizens involved in public consultation with resident Roadside Gaspé, Magog and Miltimore, said Ginette Cantin, Advisor on Community Relations at Hydro-Quebec.

The open day will take place at City Hall from 14: 30 am to 20 hours. Presentations of the scenarios recommended by the corporation will be held at 15 h, 17 h and 19 h. Two forest technicians, network planning engineer and an environmental consultant will be present to answer questions from the public. The results will be announced by Hydro-Quebec over the following days. Work should start before the end of the year, said Ms. Cantin.

Status quo

Home of Caroline Girard is surrounded by huge mature trees. “Nature is what makes the charm of the area. It is the gateway to Bromont, its brand image. You can not screw up all this snapping fingers. That’s why we expect to have an ear Hydro-Québec on 14 July. ”

Besides, a power line already happening behind the centennial residence. Caroline Girard wants the corporation to reverse its decision and uses existing infrastructure to reconfigure its network. “I can not resign myself to see a bunch of trees of incredible beauty slaughter to pass a new line. I bought my house knowing that there was already a line behind here. It’s the same for my neighbors. What I want is that we maintain the status quo. ”

For its part, Ginette Cantin said phase networks must be erected a few meters from the street. “It’s an accessibility issue. (…) During the work, we did a minimal deforestation. The goal, she has said is that nature can take its course as quickly as possible. ”

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