Husband Dorofeeva appealed to Ukrainians: “My mind is too weak for this”

Муж Дорофеевой обратился к украинцам: «Моя психика слабовата для такого»

Famous Ukrainian singer and husband Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes revealed details of the last film, which looked at his wife and spoke about their impressions on it

So, Dantes told the fans that are very impressed by films about the slaughterhouse production of the meat and the role of man on Earth.

Муж Дорофеевой обратился к украинцам: «Моя психика слабовата для такого»

I watched the film Sugar. I recommend to all, especially SUMMER is NEAR!) Now watch the movie Earthlings. Watched half of it. Recommend not risk. Too Frank. You need to be prepared for the fact that the world is very cruel”, he said.

“I have a question. Everyone who watched this movie (Earthlings). Did you have the feeling that the people working on all of these major abattoirs, well I work there and don’t go vpryskivat all things in the human world?”, added Dantes.

“To people who keep cattle at home and grow it for yourself, not for industrial purposes also have a claim or it is valid because we are still predators (I will not go into the jungle and say that we are the scavengers, and through the intellect rose). I’ve been to many farms, but they looked different, milk and meat were also mined, as is shown in the movies, but still there is But. In short, is there something between “black” and “white.” Or everything has to be categorical?! Well, SUGAR is Evil! But so good sometimes to get in his way)))”, — he concluded.

“And whether those people who work there? They on their own come in every day to kill. And there may not be: “better there than on the streets,” And the average between black and white, I think, when man for his needs he grows and he produces everything he needs. When he can take as much as he needs. And to shift the responsibility to someone.. this is foolish self-deception”,

Муж Дорофеевой обратился к украинцам: «Моя психика слабовата для такого»

Муж Дорофеевой обратился к украинцам: «Моя психика слабовата для такого»

“Fur and skin buy only eco. And Yes, I have not watched this film, because my psyche is too weak for that. But from the meat to give hard, and this goal is not worth it. My grandmother his farm, and the cow kept exclusively for milk, and then sold the meat from your cow is never eaten, because they are like family… the circus is also child do not drive and she was only a child…”, — write fans Dantes.

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