Hungary made a loud statement on Ukraine: “just autonomy”, details

Венгрия сделала громкое заявление по Украине: «справедливая автономия», детали

Famous Hungarian ultra-right made a sensational statement regarding one of the Ukrainian regions

Leader of the radical nationalist party in Hungary “Jobbik” Tomasz Schneider advocated territorial autonomy in Ukrainian Transcarpathia.

The politician said this during a private visit to the Berehovo district, reports

“In the long term a good solution would be if Transcarpathia received autonomy”.

Венгрия сделала громкое заявление по Украине: «справедливая автономия», детали

Schneider said about the advisability, in his opinion , this proposed regional autonomy:

“So the region will be able to solve critical issues immediately and not wait until the decision of Kiev”.

Moreover, Schneider added that his visit allegedly asked to carry out directly the residents of the Ukrainian village vary in Beregovo district.

The aforementioned “autonomy” should include economic autonomy, the politician:

“… That the money earned in the Carpathians, remained in the region, and did not go to Kyiv”, – referred to in the material.

As previously reported, March 19, at 13.00 hours, at the building of Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhgorod, the opening of a provocative inherently monument to one of the key symbols of Hungarian statehood, the crown of St. Stephen.

A political symbol is set in front of the fence, defines the territory of the Consulate General, i.e. not on the diplomatic territory of Hungary and on the territory of Ukraine.

However, as journalists found out, the monument was installed illegally, without any appeals to the city authorities of Uzhgorod or approvals from the relevant services.

Венгрия сделала громкое заявление по Украине: «справедливая автономия», детали

The representatives of Hungary deliberately chose to do this convenient to the time of the weakening of the Ukrainian authorities in the time of struggle for the post of President of Ukraine. The first persons of power or Uzhgorod region at the opening was observed.

The monument has the form of rectangular pillars of black polished stone, which is exclusively in Hungarian, even without duplication in Ukrainian, recorded major historical milestones that relate to the object of reverence.

Recall that Hungary was blocked by the cooperation of the Ukraine-NATO against cruel ultimatum.

As he wrote Politeka, Hungary passed a controversial decision in the Carpathians, in 2019, things will change.

Politeka previously reported, the FSB organized a provocation in Transcarpathia, there were photos from the scene of the incident.