Hundreds of people have died because of the Ukrainians in Poland: an urgent statement to the police

Сотни людей погибли по вине украинцев в Польше: срочное заявление полиции

Road accident with participation of Ukrainians in Poland make up more than half of all cases of accidents with foreigners

53.2% of the foreigners who participated in the accident on the territory of Poland in 2018, were Ukrainians. This writes with reference to Rzeczpospolita.

Polish police summed up the behaviour of foreign drivers on the roads of the country for 2018, and the findings were grim.

The article said that in the past year, foreigners participated in 1404 accidents in which 295 people (including 108 foreigners) died. More 2575 people, including 988 foreigners, were injured. They also participated in 25364 collisions.

Сотни людей погибли по вине украинцев в Польше: срочное заявление полиции

The main causes of accidents provoked by foreigners, are speeding, failure to observe distance between vehicles, improper behaviour towards pedestrians, fatigue, falling asleep driving and wrong overtaking.

Mostly foreigners, the operators of vehicles involved in road traffic accidents, came from such countries as: Ukraine (53.2 percent), Germany (9.6 per cent), Belarus (6 per cent), Lithuania (4.4%), Russia (4 percent).

As previously reported, in Poland accident Ukrainian bus.

Thus, in Poland on the A4 motorway near the village of rose Subcarpathian Voivodeship accident involving a bus with passengers on the Ukrainian rooms.

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Сотни людей погибли по вине украинцев в Польше: срочное заявление полиции

As reported by the police at the time of accident inside the bus there were 9 people. All passengers managed to exit the vehicle on their own. Arrived at the scene ambulance, fire service and the police. The path in the direction of Rzeszow blocked.

While it is not established that was the cause of the accident.

On the same stretch of road, September 16, there was a similar accident. Driving the bus was a 26-year-old driver. He was headed to Katowice. The cause of the accident was that he did not notice warning signs advising of the change of traffic organization in the center of the repaired area of the motorway. After hovering above the concrete dam car fell.

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