Huge Boobs Yana Koshkina fell out dresses on the red carpet of the “Golden gramophone”

Tight formal dress and a bust of imposing dimensions Yana Koshkina became the reason of incident.

On the red carpet of the “Golden gramophone” Breasts buxom TV presenter literally jumped out of the bodice, which, however, did not bother the happy possessor of a fifth of the size.

In the new television season actress Yana Koshkina became co-host Paul Priluchnogo in the entertainment TV show “Kings of plywood”. Because the musical TV show, the appearance of the sexy TV presenter at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden gramophone” nobody was surprised, because it works on the First channel broadcasting the event, and some nominees have been on the programme.

In addition Koshkin – happy owner of a bust of the fifth size, which is the subject of her pride.

“All his own. Not men! I am proud of her Breasts. It would be worse if the girl has no chest. If you’re good, as it can interfere with?”, – boasted in an interview Jan.
Lush bust beauty helps her to make, because for him she is regularly called to play in a candid photoshoot for men’s magazines. But on the red carpet of the “Golden gramophone”, he played with the leading “the Kings of plywood” a cruel joke.

During a photo shoot narrow bodice stunning evening dresses Koshkin could not resist the powerful pressure of her voluminous Breasts and treacherously cracked, allowing the mouth-watering delights beauty to spill out in front of photographers.

However, the reporters behaved like a man and rushed to take pictures of the embarrassed star, but to help her cope with the dress. But the very Jan this unfortunate misunderstanding has not confused, and a bit of adjusting outfit. she continued to pose for photographers, oblivious to the hole on the dress.

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