Huawei got hit from Google: what will happen to users, now everything will change

Huawei получила удар от Google: что ждет пользователей, теперь все изменится

Between Google and Huawei strained relations

Today it became known that Google has denied Huawei access to its resources. Now a Chinese company will lose access to various popular services and applications that belong to a us group.

This is reported by International media.

Huawei получила удар от Google: что ждет пользователей, теперь все изменится

On the eve of the Google leadership took the decision to refuse from cooperation with Huawei Technologies, it happened after the U.S. Department of Commerce announced its intention to make the Chinese company the black list:

“This would mean that Huawei will lose access to updates of the Android operating system, and the next series of smartphones will not apps the Google Play Store and Gmail,” reports Reuters.

But Huawei will be able to access Android. It is noteworthy that only in the version which is in the public domain. Huawei will lose and technical support:

“Officially, Google claim that users of Huawei, who already stood app on smartphones will be able to continue to use them”, — confirmed the break of cooperation sources from The Verge.

The situation with Huawei was a continuation of the economic conflict between the United States and China, Reuters reports.

Huawei получила удар от Google: что ждет пользователей, теперь все изменится

We will remind, in Warsaw on charges of espionage arrested two men — one of them is the sales Director of the Polish branch of Huawei group.

Polish police detained the citizen of China and a citizen of Poland on charges of espionage.

It is reported by one of the Polish TV channels:

“Detained the Director of sales of the Polish branch of Huawei group Vacsina V. and a former senior official of the internal security Agency of Poland, Peter D.”, — stated in the message.

Huawei получила удар от Google: что ждет пользователей, теперь все изменится

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It is known that the aforementioned men were arrested on 8 January. Two days later, the court arrested them for three months. They were presented with a cooperation with Chinese intelligence agencies.

According to unconfirmed reports, the arrested refused to testify not admit guilt.

So Huawei is suspected of passing information to the Chinese authorities. Because of this, hardware companies began to abandon the public authorities in several developed countries such as USA, Australia and New Zealand.

It is also known that claim and fears that Huawei products could threaten national security, said in the Czech Republic.

We also recall that in December of 2018 financial Director of Huawei detained in Vancouver, Canada.

According to local media reports, Meng Wanzhou, who is a native daughter of the founder of the Chinese company Huawei, was detained in Canada on an official request from the United States.

It is known that the special operation was carried out on 1 December.

Huawei получила удар от Google: что ждет пользователей, теперь все изменится

The United States sent Canada a request for the arrest of Wanzhou, which they accused of violating trade sanctions by the White house against the Iranian Republic.

It is also noted that the United States will insist on extradition Wanzhou from Canada. Then on December 7, was assigned a court hearing about the possible release of Wanzhou on bail.

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