Hrytsenko spoke harshly about the return of the inspections: “corruption under the guise of European integration”

Гриценко жестко высказался о возвращении техосмотров: "коррупция под видом евроинтеграции"

Anatoly Hrytsenko warned that the government wants to resume the inspection of private cars, and called to stop “the corruption of $100 million annually, and even under the slogan of European integration”

Corresponding post of the leader of the party “Civic position” posted on his page in Facebook.

“First story. More than 10 years ago, February 4, 2009, I took the initiative and registered a draft law №4014 on the abolition of inspection for private vehicles. Two years argued that it is mockery 10 thousand employees then GAI over nine millions of car owners and giant nation-wide corruption scheme for the sale of coupons with a volume of at least $100 million annually. Argued that the inspection is a fiction, because the majority of drivers buy the coupons, to avoid wasting time and nerves, and even if they passed the inspection, no pass-a piece of paper does not guarantee and cannot guarantee the serviceability of the machine within two years”, — explains Anatoly Gritsenko.

The Cabinet and, above all, the acting attorney General and then Minister of internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko did everything possible to leave the inspection. Although a well known fact: only 3-5% of accidents caused by technical condition of the car, and the vast majority is a violation of the rules and poor roads.

Гриценко жестко высказался о возвращении техосмотров: "коррупция под видом евроинтеграции"

“To bring the government’s argument to the point of absurdity, we are then in Lviv publicly conducted an experiment. Bought an old-broken “ushasty”, which was not even a engine/powertrain, with flat tires he “passed inspection”, and in tow we dragged him under the building of the Lviv regional police. He killed the “Zaporozhets” to “pass inspection” stood there as a monument to corruption checkup, he was out the tourists to be photographed — yet the Cops are not tired and they it were dragged away from the shame away…” — says the leader of “citizenship”.

Finally, in 2011, the inspection was cancelled. But now the government, namely the Ministry of infrastructure, decided to restore again the inspection. The bill appeared on the website of the Ministry.

Гриценко жестко высказался о возвращении техосмотров: "коррупция под видом евроинтеграции"

“Also every two years. Now through other authorized structure. Which again will determine the officials, though of a different Ministry. Such as huge corruption story, but now served as a request of European integration…If someone once foolishly something signed with the Europeans and then immediately swipe consultations, negotiations and explain to the partners clearly — recovery of corrupt schemes will be no more! Recovery of fictitious control — will not be! Restoration of absolute power of the bureaucracy — will not be! If our cars go overseas and there are certain requirements partners for inspection — well, then these and only these machines before leaving check, but not everything and not every two years, to fooling millions of drivers for tamping of pockets of officials!”, — calls Anatoly Gritsenko.

We will remind that Gritsenko called the main provocateur in the election: “On the orders of Poroshenko.”

As reported Politeka, Gritsenko spoke about his arrest in absentia in Russia.

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