Hrycak: “in 2014, the SBU has investigated criminal proceedings against 176 Russian spies and terrorists”

Грицак: «С 2014 года СБУ расследовались уголовные производства против 176 российских шпионов и террористов»

In an interview to “RBC-Ukraine” the head of the SBU Basil Gritsak cited data on the number of cases investigated by the Service concerning the Russian spies, terrorists and saboteurs.

“The exact answer about the number of arrests of citizens of the Russian Federation can only provide General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, because there is accumulated information on all the bodies of preliminary investigation of the RRG, SBU and Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine. As for the SBU, in February 2014 to present our investigators investigated criminal proceedings against 176 the citizen of the Russian Federation: 10 on charges of espionage, and the rest for crimes against fundamentals of national security and terrorist activities. At the same time, have been brought to court indictments in 70 Russians, of which regarding 43 cases are still being considered by the court, and 27 people already condemned,” he said.

According to Hrytsak, also 76 Russian terrorists on the wanted list, including such notorious figures as Girkin, Bezler, Borodai, Porechenkov and others.

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